New for 2019: E-Courses!

For the first time, any school, any classroom, and any business in the English speaking world can have Peter Lundgren's Bucketfillers For Life workshop, LIVE via Skype or many other applications. There are many advantages:

  • No travel costs
  • The E-courses are available anywhere in the world!
  • Teachers can order a session for their individual classroom without the need for participation by the entire school.
  • Session length can be adjusted in a customized manner. For example, a business could utilize a workshop as a lunch time training session, or split a longer program over several lunch times.
  • Just like the in-person program, E-courses are live and interactive, with time allocated for questions and audience participation.
  • Each session is presented exclusively by Peter Lundgren.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your payment will be fully refunded.
  • Cost is only $95 USD per session for up to a 60-minute workshop.
Available dates and times are limited, so call 810-333-3917 to get your sessions locked in!



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