“This workshop is not one of the typical ‘motivation pep talks’ that charges up individual through a speech relying on a delivery characterized by its quick pace and high decibel level. Instead it is a dialogue or conversational style giving rise to quiet introspection, the seed of change and personal growth. It was clearly recognizable that the participants were positively affected by their involvement in this workshop. You could feel it in the dialogue and you could see it on peoples faces. Participants were given a new (and logical) way of looking at themselves objectively (rather than blaming others or circumstances in general), of reviewing how we all fail to be in control of our allocation of time, and how relationship at home and at work can be improved. Simply stated, this is a program of real content and value and that is something that is very rare indeed.”

Roger J. Bergh, J.D. , Human Resources Manager
Helen Newberry Joy Hospital