“You taught me a lot about courtesy and friendship. You made me feel better about myself.” - David


“Thank you for telling us about bucket filling and teaching us good ways to make our parents and friends feel wonderful.” - Stephanie


“You made the best change in our class as well as our school. Everyone in our class is kinder to each other. Also, our daily bucket filling activity has made our class closer.” - Alexandra


“You showed us how nice it is to fill peoples buckets instead of dipping out of them. You showed us how caring, respect and friendship is good.  You also showed us how important it is to live your life good, cause we have a lot of our dash left.” -...


“Without you, I don’t think I ever would have told everyone about my dad’s death.  That’s because you showed me what true courage was about.  Thanks.  I know I’ll have a good dash with good friends and a loving family.” - Trent


“Thank you so much for coming in.  Since I read my letter to my dad he knows that I love spending time with him.  We’ve been doing a lot of stuff together.” - Joshua


“You showed me things that I didn’t see before. Three things that I will do to keep this going are write a letter to everyone in my family, try to be nicer and not yell as much. Thank you for helping me understand things I never understood before.” - Amber...


“Thank you for teaching me how to fill people’s buckets. I am a bucket filler all the time now. My mom was so happy that she cried when I read her my letter.” - Justine


“I didn’t realize how much my sister and parents did for me before I thought about it! Now I learned that I can always fill buckets, not empty them! I’m going to live my dash to the fullest.” - Drake