Kerry Carlini

“I have been in the classroom for over 30 years. Never had I seen a more profound and dramatic turn-around of emotions. Students who are typically brazen and self-absorbed became, for a moment, beyond themselves, showing real empathy for others. I saw a lot of tears.” Kerry Carlini, 5th grade...

Louise Schmidtberger

“Thank you, Carol Hamilton, for sharing with the fourth graders. As I read some of the responses this morning, I felt tingles up and down my spine! We talked more today about ‘filling our buckets”. I think they learned much." Louise Schmidtberger, 4th grade teacherPortersville Christian School, Grove City, PA...

Tony Moskus

“On a daily basis classrooms are a busy place… The Bucket Man brought relationship and people building to the top of my priority list. Filling the bucket of each student connected me with them in an emotional way… It has energized our relationship and mutual respect. My students are eagerly...

Richard Parker

“It’s a wonderful program for the kids to do. The Bucket-Filling experience has really played an important role and impacted the atmosphere in my classroom in such a positive way! I overhear students on a daily basis trying to fill one another’s buckets. It’s nice to hear and see!” Richard...


“Thank you so very much for bringing the “Bucket Man” to our school. It is a wonderful program and we plan to keep in going. You do an excellent job of presenting and the kids were definitely listening to all you had to say.” Carla, 8th Grade Teacher


“We can not thank you enough for speaking to our home school group. The gospel that you teach to the children could become a life-changing experience which could impact them for the rest of their lives.” Kim, Home School Leader


“Thank you for filling our hearts and minds with such positive information. I am using it in my everyday life.” Lisa, Elementary School Teacher


“Thank you so much for sharing your heart with our students. I hope we can measure up to your expectations. It is so important for our students to have and share good thoughts.” Tom, Middle School Teacher