Transportation Department Workshop (2-2.5 hrs)

The anti-bullying focus of the bucketfilling workshops carries through in every program. However, the approach in addressing school bus drivers stresses the anti-bullying effect. Studies show that 40-50% of school bullying happens on the bus. Bus drivers are charged with the safe transportation of students to and from school–a huge responsibility. In this workshop, bus drivers are recognized for their important work, taught the bucketfilling concept and given helpful ideas in eliminating bullying on their “classroom on wheels”.

Rhonda Sosnowski, Transportation Director for Waverly Community Schools in Lansing, Michigan, sent the following subsequent to her first of two Transportation Department Workshops:

“Since our Bucketfilling workshop our drivers are really aware of what they are saying to each other.  We had a fight on a bus this morning and two drivers radioed the driver of that bus and told her what a good job she did.  We will keep referring back to bucketfilling every day.  It has made a difference in my life.  I have had several drivers come and tell me how great the meeting was.  One of the drivers told his wife that it was the best in-service we have ever had. I can’t thank you enough.”

Rhonda wrote us again after her department’s follow-up workshop, 10-months after the first:

“This second workshop has helped our group to be closer. It has helped our group at home with their families also. I am very happy with this follow-up workshop, and I would like to do this every year if possible. We all can’t wait for the next one!”