BFL’s Bucketfilling School Program in the Eastern U.S. is typically custom-designed. Your financial investment depends on location, grade level, school population, and your chosen program configuration. Please call 810-333-3917 for further information, or to request a proposal. The program is made up of one or more of the following elements:



Grades K-6 Students Assembly - “Fill More, Dip Less” (30-40 Minutes)

This is the younger students’ fun-based introduction to the power of living life as a bucketfiller. Many school assemblies are based on pure entertainment, with clowns, magic tricks, etc. Peter has chosen a different route: One that brings a lasting message. His engaging and interactive assembly for up to 300 students will:

  • Teach the students the difference between a bucketfiller and a bucketdipper, and the benefits of filling buckets rather than dipping.
  • Let the students know of their power to choose their thoughts and actions, and inspire them to make the choice of bucket filling.
  • Ask students to reflect on their recent past and share some stories of kindness with the group.
  • Engage them by learning and singing Peter’s original, “Fill More, Dip Less”, accompanied by Peter on guitar and vocals.

"Thanks again for coming out, being flexible and doing a great job with the assembly yesterday!  The kids are still talking about it today!" 
- Glenn Christiansen, K-2 School Counselor, Napoleon Area City Schools, Napoleon, Ohio


Grades 4-6 Classroom Bucket Filling-based Workshops – "Can be stand-alone or supplemental to Assembly" (45-60 Minutes)

For grades 4-6, we believe strongly that the nature of this upper level material is best presented in each individual classroom. After years of experience with this age group, we understand clearly that the highest impact comes from small group workshops. There is much more opportunity for individual interaction, and the comfort of the homeroom is an important factor. 

In fourth grade and above, the students begin to examine their lives and their choices more intensely. There are many opportunities for discussion and questions as they realize their own accountability for the quality of their existence. True stories exemplifying results of choices, laughter and sometimes tears lead up to the often life-changing exercise “Why I Love and Respect You”. Students, parents and teachers are deeply touched by this workshop.

“You really touched me. My mom liked it a lot too. I am going to keep filling up buckets because it makes me feel good about myself and others. You really changed my life. Now I can help change some other people’s lives.” 
- Samantha, 5th Grade Student



Grades 6-12 and Staff – Small Group Workshops – "The Power"

"The Power" is a brand new program for the 2017-2018 school year. Previous knowledge of bucket filling isn't required. "The Power" is simply the acknowledgement and understanding that we have the power within us to control our path in life. In practice, exercising this power is difficult, but this workshop sets the table for success. By using real-life examples, this workshop will teach attendees that "The Power" is a truly an amazing life practice. It is sure to bring fantastic life-changing outcomes.

This workshop is one period in length, and is intended to be limited to groups no larger than 50.


Evening Workshop (60 minutes)

The importance of creating bucketfilling schools complements the importance of creating bucketfilling families. Parents and teachers work hand-in-hand in being role models for students. The chance for experiencing true happiness in life is enhanced if we live with empathy, with warm and caring hearts. This workshop teaches parents the same concepts taught to their children. Bucket filling knows no age limit.

Note! If your students attended "The Power" program, your parent workshop will be geared accordingly.

“Our Goal is not just to be a “Bucket filling School”, but for all of our families to become “Bucket filling Families.” I was so touched at the parent assembly. Some of our parents shared their “Why I Love and Respect You” sheets at the assembly and after the sharing was finished, there was not a dry eye in the audience. So many parents thanked me on the way out for hosting this program and how glad they were that they took time out of their evening to attend. Thank you Bucketfillers For Life!” 
- Kathleen Vafadari, Principal, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Grand Rapids, MI