Kelly Nickel’s unique presentations are multi-modal, using music, motion, and memorization to make learning fun, active, and sticky. Through large-group assemblies, grade-level workshops, parent workshops, and staff development, Kelly helps drive positive change in human behaviors by increasing social-emotional intelligence through specific strategies to develop habits of character that include being positive, caring, appreciative, empathetic, respectful, and resilient.

His message to kids and adults is that living life as a bucketfiller, as a personal choice, is simple and powerful. The bucket/dipper/lid metaphor reminds us that everyone has feelings, we all like feeling good, and the way we treat each other helps people feel better or makes people feel worse.  Bucketfilling is a binary choice.

Program Objectives

1. Our programs will establish a site-wide awareness of the concept and language of the bucketfilling metaphor, allowing all students, staff, and parents to easily remember how and why to treat themselves and others with positive, caring, accepting, and kind behaviors.

2. Our programs will provide students, staff, and parents with curriculum, resources, and experiences to will promote the positive continued development of their social-emotional competencies.

3. Our programs will inspire, motivate, and empower students, staff, and parents to actively seek the benefits of bucketfilling by choosing bucketfilling behaviors at school and at home.

Through engaging and entertaining Student Assemblies, Classroom Enrichment Workshops, Staff Development, and Parent Workshops, participants learn how to:

  • Strive for Positive Attitudes
  • Increase their Feelings of Self-worth
  • Practice Resiliency
  • Communicate their Feelings Constructively
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Serving Others

Kelly offers two variations of a funny and interactive large group assembly, one for the younger students (K-2/3), one for older students (3/4-6). They are 40 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. He also offers a variety of classroom and whole-grade enrichment workshops (20-30 minutes) that allow him to meet the students and promote deeper understanding of the concepts.

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