How to be your kids' favorite teacher:  Teaching strategies to help home-schooling parents master instructional excellence

This workshop is designed to teach home-schooling parents the most up-to-date educational research and brain-based engagement strategies to lead and coach their children to become motivated and reflective life-long self-led learners.   Drawing from the works of Eric Jensen, Ned Hermann, Howard Gardener, and Daniel Goleman, this class will teach educators and parents the skills and techniques they need to help their learners develop the habits and mindsets that will drive them to achieve the outcomes they desire.  This workshop is really for anyone who strives to be more engaging and effective at leading and teaching others in any learning environment.

Train them up right: Developing character and social-emotional intelligence in children and youth

This workshop is designed for anyone who interacts with children and youth on a regular basis including parents, foster parents, caregivers, teachers, instructional aides, camp counselors, Sunday school staff, and more. An extensive survey of current research on SEL will allow participants to develop a deep understanding of the role they play in developing the personal character, social skills, and emotional intelligence of children and youth in their midst, and provide them with simple strategies, free resources, and engaging activities to help promote and teach the critical life skills that children and youth will need to enjoy personal and professional success in the 21st century.

How to be everyone's favorite co-worker: Strengthening your emotional intelligence and communication excellence in the workplace

Working well with others is a dynamic interpersonal dance that requires precise management of your verbal and nonverbal communication, a comprehensive understanding of human diversities, a proactive positive mindset, and a highly developed emotional intelligence. Good news is that all of this can be attained through knowledge and practice.  In this workshop you will gain the wisdom and skills needed to help you interact with your co-workers with empathy, clarity, consistency, and resilience so that everyone will see through your words and actions how they too can become everyone’s favorite co-worker.

How to be everyone's favorite speaker/presenter: Discovering strategies to improve your presentations and appear more perfectly natural as you strive for universal engagement

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to improve their ability to be more memorable, credible, engaging, and effective when speaking or giving presentations to small or large groups in formal or informal settings. You will learn over 50 simple strategies to help you immediately change and improve what you say and how you say it in order to appear more natural and better connect with your audience whenever you speak or deliver presentations.  You will learn the best ways to control your delivery, organize your thoughts, design your slides, and provide the most relevant information so that a hearing-seeing audience can experience maximum retention by being fully engaged at all times.

How to be everyone's favorite service provider:  Connecting the science of customer service to your everyday actions including everything you think, say, and do when providing service to others

Serving others well is imperative to your personal and professional success, yet it can be difficult to achieve 100% of the time because humans have emotions, reflexes, and limited supplies of willpower. This workshop will look to the fields of behavioral, psychological, and communication sciences to discover how to navigate any service encounter well by understanding human being’s motivations for doing what they do.  Particular attention will be on developing interpersonal communication strategies to manage the impressions, perceptions, and expectations of customers through precise thoughts, words, and actions.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own personal “why” of serving others through a written “personal philosophy of serving others.”