Kelly Nickel, M. Ed – Regional Director, Western U.S.

Educator, Communicator, Kid Magnet

Kelly Nickel is the primary presenter and provides the leadership and creative energy behind Bucketfillers For Life programs in the entire Western U.S. In the past five years Kelly has delivered programs to more than 410 schools all across the Western U.S.

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Kelly applies his 20 years of teaching experience, his ability to engage and entertain children (and adults), and his mastery of effective instructional practices to bring to life Donald Clifton’s metaphor of being a Bucketfiller when we think, speak, and act. Children (and adults) easily grasp how the binary choice of “filling” versus “dipping” in someone’s bucket will affect themselves and others in either positive or negative ways.

Plus he is super funny, energetic and animated, and the kids absolutely love him.

In addition to travelling to schools, “Mr. 5-Cent” (as his students call him) stays busy as a Professional Development Trainer and popular Communication and Leadership instructor at Shasta Community College in Redding, California.

A gifted facilitator and community builder who is documented to be funny, Kelly fills his high-energy assemblies and workshops with boundless enthusiasm, heartfelt inspiration, delightful humor, and practical advice.

A true education scientist at heart, Kelly’s professional passion is designing and delivering student-centered learning experiences that produce real, measurable outcomes.

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