March 2018

Fri Mar 30 available

Thurs March 29 available

Tue Mar 27 available (Northern California)

Fri Mar 23 available

Thurs March 22 available

Tue Mar 20 available (Northern California)

Fri Mar 16 available

Thurs March 15 available

Tue Mar 13 available (Northern California)

Fri Mar 9 available

Thurs March 8 available

Tue March 6 available (Northern California)

Fri March 2 available

Thurs March 1 available Ventura Co area (afternoon slot open)

Thurs March 1 Banyan Elementary, Thousand Oaks CA (morning) 

February 2018

Tue Feb 27 available (Northern California)

Fri Feb 23 available

Thurs Feb 22 available

Tue Feb 20 available (Northern California)

Fri Feb 16 available

Thurs Feb 15 available

Tue Feb 13 available (Northern California)

Fri Feb 9 Southern Cal. Kindergarten Conference, Pasadena CA (4pm)

Thurs Feb 8 available

Tue Feb 6 available (Northern California)

Fri Feb 2 available

Thurs Feb 1 available Ventura County area (afternoon slot open)

Thurs Feb 1 Banyan Elementary, Thousand Oaks CA (morning)

January 2018

Tue Jan 30 available (Northern California)

Fri Jan 26 Fremont Elementary, Delano CA (morning)

Fri Jan 26 available Kern County (afternoon slot open)

Thurs Jan 25 available Kern County (am and pm slot open)

Tue Jan 23 available (Northern California)

Fri Jan 19 available North Seattle area (afternoon slot open)

Fri Jan 19 Central Primary Center, Snohomish WA (morning)

Thurs Jan 18 available South Seattle area (afternoon slot open)

Thurs Jan 18 Discovery Elementary, Gig Harbor WA (morning)

Tue Jan 16 available (Northern California)

Fri Jan 12 Redding School of the Arts, Redding CA (full day)

Thurs Jan 11 available Bay Area (afternoon slot open)

Thurs Jan 11 Loyola Elementary, Los Altos CA (morning)

Tue Jan 9 available (Northern California)

December '17

Fri Dec 22 available

Thurs Dec 21 available

Tue Dec 19 available (Northern California)

Fri Dec 15 available

Thurs Dec 14 available

Tue Dec 12 available (Northern California)

Fri Dec 8 available N. Los Angeles area (afternoon slot open)

Fri Dec 8 LeGore Elementary, El Monte CA (morning)

Thurs Dec 7 available San Diego area (afternoon slot open)

Thurs Dec 7 Westwood Elementary, San Diego CA (morning)

Tue Dec 5 Sacramento Valley Charter School, W Sacramento CA (afternoon)

Tue Dec 5 available Sacramento area (morning slot open)

Fri Dec 1 Shasta College EWD, Redding CA


Thurs Nov 30 available

Tue Nov 28 Dilworth Elementary, Cupertino CA

Fri Nov 17 available

Thurs Nov 16 California Partnership Healthcare, Redding CA

Tue Nov 14 available (Northern California)

Fri Nov 10 Coyote Creek Elementary, Highlands Ranch CO

Fri Nov 10 available Denver area (morning slot open)

Thurs Nov 9 Jefferson Elementary, North Platte NE (afternoon)

Thurs Nov 9 Buffalo Elementary, North Platte NE (morning)

Tue Nov 7 available (Northern California)

Fri Nov 3 Shasta College EWD, Redding CA

Thurs Nov 2 Flory Academy of Science and Tech, Moorpark CA (afternoon)

Thurs Nov 2 Katherine Elementary, Simi Valley CA (morning)


Tue Oct 31 available (Northern California)

Tue Oct 24 available (Northern California)

Fri Oct 20 available San Diego area (afternoon slot open)

Fri Oct 20 Cardiff Elementary School, Cardiff CA (morning)

Thurs Oct 19 available San Diego area (afternoon slot open)

Thurs Oct 19 Del Mar Pines School, Del Mar CA (morning)

Thurs Oct 12 Alta Vista Elementary, Redondo Beach CA (morning)

Fri Oct 6 Gibson Elementary, Woodland CA (morning)

Thurs Oct 5 Oliveira Elementary, Fremont CA (full day)

Tue Oct 3 Greenwood Elementary, Sacramento CA (morning)


Fri Sep 29 Heritage Elementary, Tulare CA (full day)

Thurs Sep 28 Clemens Elementary, Visalia CA (full day)

Tue Sep 26 Oak Grove Elementary, Medford CA (afternoon)

Tue Sep 26 Evergreen Elementary, Yreka CA (morning)

Fri Sep 22 Theuerkauf Elementary, Mountain View CA (full day)

Thurs Sep 21 University Prep Charter School, Camarillo CA (morning)

Fri Sep 15 Sanchez Elementary, Norwalk CA (afternoon)

Fri Sep 15 Boulder Ridge Elementary, Menifee CA (morning)

Thurs Sep 14 Crafton Elementary, Redlands CA (afternoon)

Tue Sep 12 Bancroft Elementary, Walnut Creek CA (full day)

Fri Sep 8 Wellpinit Middle School, Wellpinit WA (full day)

Thurs Sep 7 Wellpinit Elementary, Wellpinit WA (full day)

Tue Sep 5 Rother Elementary School, Redding CA (morning)

Fri Sep 1 Greer Elementary, Galt CA (afternoon)

Fri Sep 1 Kirschen Elementary, Modesto CA (morning)


Thurs Aug 31 Reagan Elementary, Chowchilla CA (afternoon)

Thurs Aug 31 Spreckels Elementary, Spreckels CA (morning)

Mon Aug 28 Shasta Meadows Elementary, Redding CA

Fri Aug 25 Foskett Ranch Elementary, Lincoln CA (afternoon)

Fri Aug 25 Gold Ridge Elementary, Folsom CA (morning)

Thurs Aug 24 Pinewood Elementary, Pollock Pines CA (afternoon)

Thurs Aug 24 Rescue Elementary, Rescue CA (morning)

Tue Aug 22 Walnut Grove Elementary, Walnut Grove CA (morning)

Tue Aug 22 Bates Elementary, Walnut Grove CA (afternoon)

Fri Aug 18 Soaring Hawk Elementary, Castle Rock CO

Thurs Aug 17 Monroe Elementary, Santa Ana CA (morning)

Fri Aug 4 Fulton Elementary, Chandler AZ (afternoon)

Fri Aug 4 Riggs Elementary, Gilbert AZ (morning)

JUNE '17

Wed June 7 MLK Jr. Elementary, Yakima WA (a.m. slot)

Wed June 7 Whitney Elementary, Yakima WA (p.m. slot)

Tue June 6 Evergreen Heights Elementary, Auburn WA (a.m. slot)

MAY '17

Tue May 23 Rother Elementary, Redding, CA (a.m. slot)

Fri May 19 Shasta Meadows Elementary, Redding, CA (a.m. slot)

Tue May 16 Lassen View Elementary, Redding CA (full day)

Fri May 12 Del Mar Elementary, Morro Bay, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri May 12 Monterey Road Elementary, Atascadero, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur May 11 Shell Beach Elementary, Pismo Beach, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur May 11 Monarch Grove Elementary, Los Osos, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri April 28 Cypress Elementary, Redding, CA (full day)

Fri April 21 Silver Gate Elementary, San Diego CA (full day)

Thur April 20 Hermosa Elementary, Alta Loma, CA (p.m. slot)

Thur April 20 Crafton Elementary, Redlands, CA (a.m. slot)

Tue April 18 Boulder Creek Elementary, Redding, CA (a.m. slot)

Fri March 24 Matsuyama Elementary, Sacramento, CA

Thur March 23 Carbonado School, Carbonado, WA (p.m. slot)

Thur March 23 Odyssey Elementary, Everett, WA (a.m. slot)

Fri March 10 Mistletoe Elementary, Redding, CA (p.m. slot)

Thur March 9 Mistletoe Elementary, Redding, CA (p.m. slot)

Sat Feb 25 Southern California Kindergarten Conference, Pasadena, CA

Fri Feb 24 Southern California Kindergarten Conference, Pasadena, CA

Fri Feb 24 Dollahan Elementary, Rialto, CA (full day)

Thur Feb 23 Wrightwood Elementary, Wrightwood, CA (a.m. slot)

Tue Feb 14 Mather Heights Elementary, Mather, CA (a.m. slot)

Fri Feb 10 Zanker Elementary, Milpitias, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Feb 10 Rancho las Positas Elementary, Livermore, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Feb 9 Foxboro Elementary, Vacaville, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Feb 3 Sierra View Elementary, Chico, CA (a.m. slot)

Fri Jan 20 Si View Community Center, North Bend, WA (7 pm)

Fri Jan 20 North Bend Elementary, North Bend, WA (a.m. slot)

Thur Jan 19 Southworth Elementary, Yelm, WA (a.m. slot)

Thur Jan 19 Lackamas Elementary, Yelm, WA (p.m. slot)

Fri Jan 13 Emerson Elementary, Pasco, WA (p.m. slot)

Fri Jan 13 White Bluffs Elementary, Richland, WA (a.m. slot)

Thur Jan 12 Sacajawea Elementary, Richland, WA (full day)



Thur Dec 15 Jefferson Elementary, Glendale, CA (full day)

Fri Dec 2 Highland Ranch Elementary, Poway, CA (full day)

Thur Nov 17 College Park Elementary, Irvine, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Nov 17 Northwood Elementary, Irvine, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Nov 4 Washington Elementary, Montebello, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Nov 4 Hodge Elementary School, Azusa, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Nov 3 Cesar Chavez Elementary, Coachella, CA

Thur Nov 3 Valley View Elementary, Coachella, CA

Tues Oct 25 West Valley Elementary, Sunnyvale, CA

Fri Oct 21 Stetson Hills Elementary, Phoenix, AZ (p.m. slot)

Fri Oct 21 McDowell Mountain Elementary, Fountain Hills, AZ (a.m. slot)

Thur Oct 20 Senita Valley Elementary, Tucson, AZ

Thur Oct 20 Cottonwood Elementary, Tucson AZ

Tues Oct 18 Gibson Elementary, Woodland, CA

Tues Oct 18 Lincoln Elementary, Newark, CA

Fri Oct 14 Cypress Elementary, Newberry Park, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Oct 14 Wildwood Elementary, Thousand Oaks, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Oct 13 Vista Elementary, Simi Valley, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Oct 13 Sunset School, Oak View, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Oct 7 Hemlock Elementary, Vacaville, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Oct 7 Callison Elementary, Vacaville, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Oct 6 Browns Valley Elementary, Vacaville, CA (full day)

Fri Sep 30 Marshall Elementary, Sacramento, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Sep 30 Twin Oaks Elementary, Rocklin, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Sep 29 Cascade Elementary, East Wenatchee, WA

Thur Sep 29 Grant Elementary, East Wenatchee, WA

Fri Sep 23 Hazelwood Elementary, Lynnwood, WA (p.m. slot)

Fri Sep 23 Little Cedars Elementary, Snohomish, WA (a.m. slot)

Sep 22 Central Primary School, Snohomish, WA (p.m. slot)

Sep 22 Emerson Elementary, Snohomish, WA (a.m. slot)

Fri Sep 16 Skyblue Mesa Elementary, Canyon Country, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Sep 16 Dahlia Heights Elementary, Los Angeles, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Sep 15 Smith Elementary, Huntington Beach, CA (p.m. slot)

Thur Sep 15 Eader Elementary, Huntington Beach, CA (a.m. slot)

Fri Sep 9 Hedrick Elementary, El Centro, CA (full day)

Thurs Sep 8 Fremont Primary School, Calipatria, CA (full day)

Tues Sep 6 Sierra Ave Elementary, Oroville, CA

Tues Sep 6 Plumas Elementary, Oroville, CA

Fri Sep 2 Chestnut Hill Academy, Bellevue, WA (full day)

Thur Sep 1 Peters Canyon Elementary, Tustin, CA (full day)

Tues Aug 30 Spreckels Elementary, Spreckels, CA (a.m. slot)

Fri Aug 26 Heritage Elementary, Lodi, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Aug 26 Lakewood Elementary, Lodi, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Aug 25 Barranca Elementary, Covina, CA (full day)

Tues Aug 23 Kirschen Elementary, Modesto, CA (full day)

Fri Aug 19 Briggs Middle School, Santa Paula, CA (p.m. slot)

Fri Aug 19 Olivelands Elementary, Santa Paula, CA (a.m. slot)

Thur Aug 18 Brookside Elementary, Oak Park, CA (full day)

Fri Aug 12 Soaring Hawk Elementary, Castle Rock, CO (full day)


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